Research Name

Intelligent Communication in the Learning Revolution

"This educator will have a deep respect for each child's unique brain and seek to create the best differentiated learning environment within which it can thrive." Positive niche construction.(Thomas Armstrong)

Communication PHD at University of Huelva, SPAIN - Research Line : Media Literay

General Objective of Research

Design, implement and analyze the possibilities of improving a process of teaching learning that use a web educational resource.

Based on the concept of

  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Learning Styles
  • Neuro education recommendations

Current Problem

General education that does not take into account individual ways of learning.


  • Barriers to exploiting individual learning differences
  • Barriers to learning for kids with disabilities
  • Illiteracy
  • School leavers
  • Ineffective communication

How to fix it?

Providing a personalized education, teaching courses that take into account multiple intelligences and learning styles of students.