For our research purpouse we developed a digital platform called MINE-DUCATION(Multiple Intelligences New Education System)

"Many people with intellectual disabilities are convinced that there are not good, and can do no good. We have a responsibility to help them to move from their broken, negative self-image into a positive one".(Jean Vanier)

Enter to Mine-ducation

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The Web Resource

Mine-ducation is a modular digital platform that allows to teach any subject in an innovative way.The innovation is to teach each student according their cognitive profile and It allows each student to choose between several intelligence options.The platform is based on the concept of Multiple Intelligence and Learning Style.


  • Personalized Education
  • Based on Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles concepts
  • Fun teaching
  • No installation required. Just INTERNET connection
  • It works well on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones)
  • The System LOG in backend every movement of the student.

Before Using Mine

Each student takes 2 tests about Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles. These test are necessary to set a cognitive profile for each student.This feature allows a personalized education, showing educational activities according each profile.

After Using Mine

  • Educational Reports
  • Statistics
  • Survey Results
  • Questionnaires Results