Be safe ONLINE

We produce a course "Responsabile Use of Internet and Social Networks" using Mine-ducation focuses on Children from 8 to 11 years old

The course is in SPANISH for now

English version is Under Construction.

"If you can Dream it, yo can do it."(Walt Disney)

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Course Objective

The objective of the course is to explain what things have to be taken into account in order to use the Internet and social networks securely so you can be connected and navigating without risks or danger, with the assurance that you are taking care of your family and your friends, taking care of you and all other people within the community in which you live.

Course Instructions

This course will use dynamic and fun browsing screens. You can choose to learn in the way you like best according to your reading and audio preferences. The course consists of five levels or units. For each unit, you’ll have to go through different stages and an evaluation in order to move to the next unit.

Before the course

Students take cognitive test.

After the course

Students answer an anonymous survey about the use of Internet.

Course Structure

The course will have the following five units.


  • Unit 1: Introduction to the internet and social networks
  • Unit 2: Internet protection
  • Unit 3: Most common uses of the internet
  • Unit 4: Bullying and cyberbullying
  • Unit 5: Other risks and tips: Identity theft and misinformation